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Asiya has done her graduation and post-graduation in clinical nutrition from Sarojini Naidu Girls College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. Soon after completing her PG in 2014, she has joined Bombay Hospital, Indore as an intern clinical dietitian. Further in the year 2016, She got her first break as Clinical Dietitian in Inamdar Hospital, Pune. She has also worked with Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune for some time.

In the start of 2018, she started Online Diet Consultation and founded Crunch & Cheer. Gradually her popularity grows throughout the world and she have acquired several clients globally specially in India, Middle East (Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) USA & Canada.


With her Speciality in Weight Management, Pre & Postnatal Nutrition, Asiya has done numerous sessions on Weight Loss, PCOS, Pregnancy Diet & Breast Feeding.

She has also done her thesis on “Study Of Prevalence of CAD in Diabetic Patients” in 2014 and have a speciality in Diabetic Management & Elderly Nutrition.


Asiya believes that right nutrition is the key to maintain your health. The primary goal of her consultations is to develop a relation between the client and their body. She likes to fooducate her client to make them live a happy and stress free life. She wants them to eat right food in right way so that they don’t have to stop themselves from eating their favourite foods anytime in their life.


Her mission is to share the transformative power of real food.


Asiya says that ‘your food decides your health's future’ and eating as a process should be conscious than just habitual.

Though the Modern Day Science plays a key role in keeping us informed and updated about the nutritional values in the food we eat, our traditional ‘food and cooking’ has a lot of wisdom in it by itself. She have always encouraged her clients to find the right balance in both.


Fad Diets are a Big No for her because Quick Fix can never be a Solution and the best foods to eat are the real and the whole ones for that is what the body needs.


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