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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the packages offered by Crunch and Cheer and the charges?

The Packages and Charges are mentioned in the Book Online page. Please click on the below button to reach there.

Which package should i take? How many months will it take to reach my health goals?

There is no one answer to this question, Every individual has different health issues, different body types and different health goals, we recommend to speak with us before taking the package, we will guide you to the best package as per your requirements.


Who is Nutritionist Asiya Ali? What is her qualifications?

You will get complete details about Asiya on her about page. Please click on the below link to reach there.

How reliable is Crunch and Cheer? What happens after i make the payment?

Crunch and Cheer is very reliable and providing professional dietary services & consultation to clients across the globe since last many years with amazing success stories and great feedbacks from our clients.

Nutritionist Asiya Ali interacts with all the clients and provides customized services to all her clients.

You may check the feedback of some of our clients in our testimonial page.

After receiving the payment, you will be notified immediately & an appointment will be scheduled as per your convenience with Nutritionist Asiya Ali. If you have any further doubt regarding any of our services, you may please contact us by clicking on the below link. We will be glad to assist you.

What forms of payment does Crunch & Cheer take?

We accept payment through Bank Transfer to our Bank Account Or UPI Payments.

For International Clients we accept money only in USD through Paypal or through bank remittance - Click on below link for details.

I have an extremely busy work schedule. Will it be possible for me to follow your diet plan?

Our diet programs are totally customized and are made considering the lifestyle & daily schedule of the clients. We might advise some lifestyle modifications and will plan your diet schedule according to your work schedule.

How will your diet plan & consultation cures me or helps me to reach my health goal?

We focus on the root cause of your health issue. Correcting the cause cures the disease and also eliminates the chance of recurring of same health issue in the future.

Most of the health issues today are due to the unhealthy lifestyle, stressful life, unhealthy eating habits & unconsciously eating anything.

Our diet plan will cure your deficiencies and helps you to recover fast and also improves your lifestyle and eating habits. You will adopt a healthy way of living.

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