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By little correction in your diet & lifestyle, you can solve any health related issue

We at Crunch & Cheer, persuade you to treat your health issues by adopting the right diet and lifestyle.

Our Nutritional Therapy is based on the fact that everyone has a different body type, different lifestyle, activity level and requires different forms of nutrition.

A diet effective on someone may not always work for someone else. Everyone have different health issues like excessive weight,  irregular periods, acne, excessive facial or body hair, unexplained weight gain, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, hypertension, some may face difficulty conceiving while the other may be having gestational diabetes. 

Everyone of of them needs to be treated differently.

My objective is to fully understand individual requirements and providing the best suitable diet through customised diet planning and lifestyle management consultation.

If you need help in managing your health issues through nutrition and lifestyle, View below my one on one packages.


Together we can find the right diet for you.


Asiya Ali

nutritionist asiya ali, director crunch & cheer

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 OUR SERVICEs includes 

Baking Cookies

Customized Diet Plan


Medical Report Analysis

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Progress Monitoring



Diet Plan


Life Style Management

Baking Cookies

Regular Diet Review

Psychologist Session



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Corporate Nutrition Consultation

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 "I'm pregnant with type 2 diabetes and bad obstetric history, I had uncontrolled diabetes in my early pregnancy. I got in touch with Asiya and followed her diet plan today I'm 13 weeks pregnant my HBa1c is 5.2% which is normal the growth of the baby is normal. Couldn't have made it without you 😊"

Mrs. Addaiya Aejaz
Female - 31 yrs.
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

I am very happy with the results I got from your plan and guidance with in short period of time I m feeling positive with my PCOS and thyroid problems my mood swings are getting better ❤️‍🩹 Thanks for the guidance 🙂

It’s my second periods after starting your diet for PCOS and I have to say under your guidance I have so much relief in periods pain and cramps otherwise before I can’t even stand for two days in periods even cry sometimes from pain . Thanks for your guidance 🙂

Ms Tanya Arya
Karnal - India

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